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Whether you’re a small business owner looking to reduce 401K management cost or the owner of a large business looking to be the employer of choice, we will help your company make your 401K plan a strategic asset. At Southport Capital we will help you provide a top notch 401K plan that will help build your reputation as the employer of choice.

Southport Capital will help turn your company’s 401K into a strategic asset by utilizing the big name providers you are comfortable with, while reducing cost, and yet still providing a higher level of service. We are able to reduce your cost by

utilizing a fee based cost structure. By reducing your cost not only are you saving money but you will also generate a higher rate of return, because the money you save stays in your 401k to generate you and your employees more income.

The reduced cost will not have an impact on your service. In fact, we will exceed your service expectations. We will help you to eliminate the messy fiduciary nightmare that comes along with managing your company’s 401K. We will also provide a very personalized service by sending team members to your company during initial enrollment to help educate you and your employee’s on the new plan. As your investments change, we will use ongoing market research to weed out underperforming funds, which will help optimize your returns. The personalized service does not stop there… we will continuously make ourselves available to you and your employees for any type of 401K need.

For a free 401K evaluation, please contact Jim Woods @404-293-6688 or

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