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The Smart Route to a Dream Retirement shows you—the employer and sponsor of the 401(k) retirement plan—how to educate, activate, and influence your employees to save enough money to build their own retirement income for life. Implement these valuable strategies at your company to instantly improve your 401(k) retirement plan and your employees’ retirement saving experience:

  • Five Automatic Features of Courageous Plan Design
  • Desirement Planning® process
  • Managing risk through diversifi cation
  • Paychecks for Life principles
  • Fee and expense control
  • Volatility management

Your employees deserve every opportunity to reach their goal of an ideal retirement, just like their grandparents. Help them make confident financial decisions today, and watch their gratitude and enthusiasm for their workplace and their personal performance grow.

JOHN WOODS is the owner of Chattanooga Lookouts and the host of Chattanooga Money Radio. JIM WOODS is the Senior Portfolio Manager at Southport Capital. The brothers were born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and together, they have over sixty years of experience in the financial services industry.


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