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At Southport Capital, we take pride in our level of service to our clients. When crafting an integrated wealth management plan, we draw on our experience and the experience of third party professionals in the following areas:




Our Wealth Management Process will provide the expert guidance to help you create an asset allocation which best suits your risk tolerance while bearing in mind your time horizon. Here is a brief look into some of strategies our portfolio managers implement for their retirement-driven portfolios.
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If you are similar to most retirees or soon-to-be retirees, you are concerned about maintaining a steady income while still preserving your retirement assets. As individuals are living in longer as retirees, this can be both expensive and stressful to maintain. We develop retirement plans that cannot be outlived.
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As the world evolves, the financial challenges that you are facing evolve too.

Southport Capital’s Beacon Financial Planning System will help you gain a more holistic view of your financial situation. When you sign up for our Beacon Financial Planning System, we create a customized website that will help you to get financially organized.
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We find that there is great importance to employing effective tax planning strategies in the financial planning landscape because it enables you have more money to save, invest, or ideally, both.When done properly, tax planning allows deferring or avoiding taxes by taking full advantage of the beneficial current tax-law provisions and increasing tax deductions or tax credits that are available under the Internal Revenue Code.
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Proper estate planning is an important component of your financial plan since it allows you to specify your exact wishes while you have the capacity to do so and assist your family in avoiding an expensive, time-consuming process after you are no longer able to specify.
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If it is important to you to transfer your financial assets upon death, it is important part of your financial plan. Our thorough fact-finding process helps you examine not only your financial and non-financial goals but it also focuses on the values and legacy you wish to leave behind.
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