Best Stocks Now App

Stop Navigating the Market Alone! The Best Stocks Now App is a powerful and innovative app that is easy-to-use and allows you to evaluate a stock in mere seconds.

  • The App ranks over 5,200 stocks, ETF (s), asset classes, indexes, sectors, closed-end funds, and mutual funds daily.
  • The app allows users to look up stocks alphabetically, by risk profile, market capitalization, sector, or proprietary grade from a database of 200 stocks.
  • Stocks value, performance, and bottom-line grade are updated daily!

What You Get:

  • View the stock symbol, name, sector, market-cap, risk-profile, price, EPS estimate, forward PE ratio, estimated 5 Yr. growth rate, and a proprietary 5-year target price
  • View the all-important, 1 month, 3 months, 12 months, 3 years, 5 years, and 10-year performance of the stocks vs. the S&P 500.
  • Displays a proprietary MOMENTUM grade (A-F) based on the stocks 1,3,6, and 12 mo. performance.
  • Shows a LONG-TERM performance grade (if applicable) based on it’s 3,5,and 10 yr. performance
  • Shows how the stock did during the last bear market along with a proprietary safety grade.
  • View the stock’s 5-year upside potential.
  • Hear Bill’s daily live radio show or listen to the archives.
  • Guide to the cycles in the market.
  • Live push notifications of Bill’s daily trading.

Proprietary Grading System

The proprietary Gunderson Grade developed by Bill Gunderson is based on value, performance, and safety. Less than 10% of the entire market gets an “A” grade at any given time. What is the stock’s overall Gunderson Grade?



Access to 600 Stocks & ETFs

Over 35 Industry Sector Grades



Access to Over 5,300 Stocks & ETFs

Weekly Model Portfolios & Real-Time Trade Emails



Access to Over 5,300 Stocks & ETFs

Weekly Model Portfolios & Real-Time Trade Emails

Best Stocks Now Radio Show

Join Bill Gunderson live every morning while he hosts the nationally syndicated radio program Best Stocks Now. Listen as Bill breaks down the market daily and he shares the best stocks in the market today. You can also catch the replay via the podcast link below.

Best Stocks Now! Book

Best Stocks Now Spring/Summer 2011 edition reveals a professional money manager’s top picks at the current time. The list will shock you! These are stocks of today, not yesteryear. The list of 53 stocks is already way ahead of the market, and one stock has already doubled! The Best Stocks Now! have several characteristics in common: They are some of the fastest-growing companies in the world today. They are flourishing despite a weak economy. They still have significant upside potential according to Bill Gunderson’s commonly used valuation formula. They have superior management that has produced consistent, breathtaking results for shareholders over the years. They also held up well during the severe market drop of 2008!

All of the facts and the story behind each stock are presented in a very simple, entertaining, and easy to understand format. Bill Gunderson’s stock grading system and the methodology behind it is explained in detail. You will be surprised to see how many of today’s popular stocks do not make the grade at all. Bill also explains his new smartphone app for grading stocks. The book and the app may be the most valuable tool that an investor can have for pointing them to the Best Stocks Now! The market has gone nowhere for the last ten years. The Best Stocks Now! have blown the market away and should continue to do so going forward.