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Pilot Program

First Class Financial Planning To Help You Reach Retirement Right On Schedule

How much money do I need to retire? Do I have the right plan for my family and self? How do I time my social security? The answer is simple.

At Southport Capital, we believe in creating plans to improve the financial well-being of our clients. Customizing portfolio design and management is at the core of our offering. Many of our clients seek us out for our investment management expertise. Others are interested in our approach to developing a plan for their overall wealth management needs.

We spend time to understand your personal situation and financial goals, which results in a customized investment portfolio and wealth management solutions tailored to your personal needs. You will have a dedicated Investment Counselor who is there specifically to keep you informed and comfortable with your financial decisions

Meet Your Advisor

Mike worked with pilots for over 20 years.  

He has helped over 300 pilot families and over 450 million dollars with their Retirement since 2000.

Mike Mooney

Partner and Senior Investment Advisor

(404) 229-7360

Mike is one of the owners and serves on the Board of Directors for Southport Capital. He has over two decades of experience managing investment portfolios. He began his portfolio management career with Oppenheimer Capital, specializing in working with retired Delta and American Airline pilots. Mike’s investment philosophy for retired clients is “Principal Preservation” with a strong emphasis on value investing. His primary goal is to create an investment strategy that enables his clients to always sleep soundly at night.

Mike’s professional career began in the United States Marine Corp where he served a tour in Desert Storm as a member of the F18 Fighter Squadron. While in the USMC, Mike earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. After completing his degree, Mike began his professional career with Mead Corporation where he was sponsored to attend Harvard University’s corporate management program. This is where Mike has learned many of the fundamental values he employs in his portfolio management style today.



  • Advise on 401ks while still contributing to them
  • Stay current on all legislation relative to age 65 mandatory retirement
  • Review any current insurance policies
  • Run a complimentary cash flow analysis
  • Run a complimentary portfolio risk analysis





  • Complimentary Social Security / Provisional income Analysis
  • Medicare/Tri-Care  Review
  • Survivor benefits for PBGC/Frozen Defined Benefit Plan
  • Long Term Care options and review
  • Estate Planning strategies




Contact: Mike Mooney

Contact: Darriel Johnson

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